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Designs of tattoos incorporating butterflies.

This section features one hundred photographs of the finished product split into ten sections of ten.  They are often recently completed and taken at the tattoo parlor.  Butterflies have come to symbolize various things around the world but in the tattoo world it  generally means rebirth or the end of a period of unrest or an unpleasant time and coming out the other end with renewed vigor. Of course it could always mean that the wearer just likes butterflies, it could be as simple as that with no symbolism at all.


Gallery one - butterfly tattoo designs 1-10.
Some here are tribal where a monochrome pattern is incorporated into the design.

Gallery two - Designs 11-20.
Another number of swirled designs provide a backdrop to more tribal designs in this gallery.

Gallery three - Designs 21-30.
Tigers face and other pictures sometimes make up the wings of the butterfly.

Gallery four - Designs 31-40.
Mainly traditional pictures of our little fluttery friends in this collection of ten photos.

Gallery five - Designs 41-50.
An interestingly different design here with a large eyed face with butterfly wings.

Gallery six - Designs 51-60.
Back to the ever popular tribal patterns in the range fifty one to sixty.

Gallery seven - Designs 61-70.
A few stylized and colorful images can be found amongst the ten in this selection.

Gallery eight - Designs 71-80.
Due to the symmetry butterflies easily lend themselves to a lower back tattoo.

Gallery nine - Designs 81-90.
Moths are also represented here albeit in quite small numbers.

Gallery ten - Designs 91-100.
Monarchs and swallowtails are popular choices for this sort of body art.



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