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Pictures and artwork of butterfly tattoos.

This section catalogues one hundred  artwork pictures to print and take to your tattooist split into ten sections of ten.  These insects have been the subject of art, myths, superstition and culture all over the world for millennia. They can be seen variously be some cultures as the personification of peoples souls or ancestors, as symbols of love, in large numbers as harbingers of doom and under specific circumstances an omen of a specific visitor. Butterflies have featured in art from Ancient Egypt and cave paintings through the Renaissance and Impressionism up to Damien Hirst's work today.


Gallery one - butterfly tattoo pictures 1-10.
Includes this sparkly one, pictured, tortoise shell and tiger skin patterns.

Gallery two - Pictures 11-20.
A leopard skin effect and a multicolored rainbow design are included in this gallery.

Gallery three - Pictures 21-30.
Some interesting designs here including a leaf and zebra skin pattern.

Gallery four - Pictures 31-40.
A rather intricate design is in this collection is a couple of hearts and butterflies with a paint splash.

Gallery five - Pictures 41-50.
The latticework of a wing can be represented in a multicolored tattoo design.

Gallery six - Pictures 51-60.
Some tribal tattoo patterns in this section with black on white color schemes.

Gallery seven - Pictures 61-70.
Another couple of tribal designs can be found among these suggestions.

Gallery eight - Pictures 71-80.
Some more butterfly tattoos to inspire your next choice of body art.

Gallery nine - Pictures 81-90.
Some bright and colorful designs with a particular emphasis on violets and purples.

Gallery ten - Pictures 91-100.
Flowers are often associated with butterflies in body art, some examples can be found in this section.



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